Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 2014

Kaden painting his monster truck- birthday present from Grandma Cook.
Owen making his own masterpiece.

breathing and relaxing... or at least trying to

sitting with Papa at the rodeo

still "running" with Laura... made it to 50 miles again this month.  

trying my hand at canning applesauce

ice cream at Brahams

putting the straws & connectors to good work with daddy

Also learning how to make REAL cinnamon rolls.
Think I found my new "go to" for Christmas morning... if anyone is planning on coming to Amarillo this Christmas.  ;)

On the 30th I got to celebrate 34 years on the planet. I still love birthdays and I don't know if they'll ever get old; what's not I love?  I'm still here. It's a day about ME (Kristin, mom) with fun texts, calls, cards, and presents from everyone I love. 
Birthdays basically rock!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cook Hog Roast & Hayride

I grossly underestimated my phone's ability to take photos in the dark... So I'm kicking myself for not getting proper photos this year. 
Looking so grown up on the wagon this year. 
Kaden & mommy
Me & the boys 
Eating s'mores 
New monkey blanket from Aunt Pat
Dad was able to ride back to Amarillo with us on Sunday so we, of course, found a Waffle House on I-44, near Lebanon, MO. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Theirbach's Apple Orchard

There is an orchard that is only about a 20 minute drive south of mom's house.

going on a wagon ride across Hwy. 47 to the orchard

mommy & Owen

Super-excited to be able to take these home!

Boys getting to play in the corn tank

Friday, September 26, 2014


Always a fun time in Warrenton- especially in the fall. 
Aunt Fer teaching Kaden a new trick

Pictures from Jennifer
Bailey outlining Kaden
Everyone getting their chalk outline
Hours of racing down mom's long driveway. 
Going on a ride with Drew. 
Picnicking outside
Fun with stickers. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Day in Kansas

I usually like to know what is happening next, but our overnight in Kansas was slightly out of the blue.  Jessica had texted me the day before I was going to leave Texas and told me that we were welcome to come and stay in Kansas (break up the trip) on our way back.  I knew that wouldn't work since dad was riding back to Amarillo with us so I quickly decided to leave a tiny bit earlier and drive to see her.
both boys did terrific in the car on the way to Kansas!
Owen reading "Goodnight Gorilla"
playing Candy Land with McKenna and Shay.
And as Sunday progressed, you will notice that Owen kept shedding clothes... 
No words...

monkey in a tree
Shannon rotated kids on a 4-wheeler ride to see if they could spot a few deer at dusk.
No words...
Owen thinking he's clever by "hiding" behind the water drain... 
And then using the drain as a telephone.  
I know that he was in full show-off mode with 2 new girls around, but I had NO IDEA he would suddenly strip naked and run around the yard.
(mom fail)
unwinding downstairs before bed
Lunch date in downtown Wichita before spending another 6 hours in the car.
Tanya's Soup Kitchen was a hit- who says you have to eat bad when traveling with kids?  We even got several compliments from patrons at other tables on how well our children were eating and behaving. 
(kind of makes up of the nakedness the night before)
McKenna(7), Kaden(5), Shay(4), and Owen (2.75)

I've really come to appreciate this stark scenery through the Flint Hills- no billboards, no stops... nothing but rolling prairie... and it's wonderful!