Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wonderland Park

Growing up outside of St. Louis, we had Six Flags less than an hour away. 
Growing up in Amarillo, Kaden and Owen have Wonderland Park.
Similar... yet different. But at this age, it doesn't matter because it's so exciting just to GO!
Kaden & I had a date to Wonderland while daddy stayed home with Owen.
Kaden's first solo ride: the CARS!

I wasn't sure how he would react to the rides since he's never been to a fair or ridden any carnival rides before.  Once he saw these cars, I don't think he even realized that I was there anymore... He was SO incredibly excited to move and pretend to drive!

Meeting up with Miss Danni
The mini bumper cars were more entertainment for us than anything else...
There was more crashing into the walls & spinning in circles than crashing into each other. 

Kaden & Danni on the boats...
and then again on the cars.

On just a couple of the rides (like the train), it didn't really matter how tall you were, but on almost everything else you had to be 36" tall.   
Which was really exciting because he was able to ride the Log Ride with me!
Following the Richards' log

Danni, Heather, Kristin & Kaden rounding out the evening with some Dippin' Dots.

helicopter ride
one final go in the cars before the park closed and we headed home

We're not sure if it was because it was approaching 10:00 p.m. or if they are just that comfortable with each other but Kaden & Danni truly looked like brother & sister as they fought over the "middle" steering wheel during the course of the ENTIRE ride!  Heather & I were cracking up as we watched them steadily progress from slightly bumping each other to full blown elbowing & pulling hair in order to take command of the 3rd wheel. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Scottsdale, Arizona

driving west

New Mexico

 Kaden taking in the scenery
When Stephenie & Dustin rolled through Amarillo this spring with her giant moving truck, we all decided that we needed to get together.  After all, the house that she & Jason bought was only 11.2 miles from Ben's aunt (Mary).
** And great/upscale golfing around Scottsdale is ridiculously cheap this time of year.
driving to Arizona
(my) pictures never truly capture how beautiful the scenery is
I absolutely love driving out west!
 saguaro cactus close to Phoenix

Before arriving to our final destination, our last stop was in the mountains, somewhere around Payson, AZ where the temperature was in the low 70°s. I knew it was going to be hot, but it was still shocking to meet the 100°F oven blast under the cover of night.
discovering the Legos in the box of toys that Mary pulled out 

 Mary knows that Kaden loves puzzles so there were several waiting for him as we came over our first morning.  SO thoughtful!

Out to dinner with Mary & Doug at out favorite mexican restaurant: Frank & Lupe's

 Visiting the Tempe aquarium with Mary.

A fun thing about being 2 time zones ahead is that it didn't FEEL like I was getting up at 4:45 a.m. when Stephenie suggested that we all go for a hike; it felt like I was getting up at my normal time.
If you're going to hike in Phoenix... in July, you'd better get up pretty darn early! 
 Our group: Stephenie, Jason, (uncle) Steve, Kristin, Rhiannon and Dustin
before our climb up Camelback Mountain
We started our hike on the back side; a.k.a. the harder side

panoramic view
 me taking a picture of Jason, taking a picture of us
Dustin & Rhiannon
family photo at the TOP
 and Steve at the highest tip on the top

Kaden's favoite part about going to Stephenie & Jason's house (besides harassing their min-pin, Tyson) was getting to swim in their pool.
Steve & Kaden going for a swim
 We were quite proud of Kaden and his swimming on this trip.  He started putting his face in the water and liked to blow bubbles.  He also began swimming (with assistance from the frog floatie) the length of the pool without asking for help.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Oh Brother

With Owen sitting and rolling and just plain moving more, the Dow brothers have been interacting more every day.
 side by side at Nonni & Papa's house
 Love these two pictures!
Keeping Owen's hand away while he works his puzzle on the bed...
or Owen just giving moral support. 
Wow... you DID it!