Sunday, June 30, 2013

More Remodeling

freshly painted cabinets & newly installed pendant lights
Ben & Lonnie laying tile in the kitchen and dining area.
Thank God for teachers having the summers off... to lay tile and do household chores. 
(Ben has been working like a dog on this house all summer!)
The living room begining to come together!  Ceiling and walls scraped & textured and painted.
boys' bathroom

Friday, June 28, 2013

Monster's University

Monster's Inc. has been one of Kaden's favorite movies... since he started watching movies; I can't count the number of times we've put that DVD in the player and watched it.  When we saw the preview for the prequel to Monster's, Kaden immediately got really excited and couldn't wait to see it.
 Kaden, Luke, and Danni in the photo booth as we bought popcorn/refreshments before the movie.

 In the theatre
Luke & Kaden at Monster's University

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Owen is 18-months old!

At your 18-month appointment, you were completely mesmerized with the salt water fish tank at
Dr. Fletcher's office.
  • You weight a whopping __lbs, and are __inches long. Your daddy & I had to laugh at your percentiles though: You are only in the 10th percentile for weight, the 50th for length... and the 75th percentile for your head.  Ha!
  • You may not talk that much, but you seem to understand a lot.  Your favorite word is probably "BYE!!!" as you yell it when we are leaving a place.
  • You love animals and talk in a very gentle, high-pitched voice when you see a cat or dog.  You love going to the zoo or seeing animals at the farm.
  • You are a great sleeper.  You go down fairly easy at night (you enjoy being rocked and held) and sleep soundly until the sun comes up in the morning.
  • You are a fairly adventurous eater. 
    • You love fruit-- the other day at the grocery store you sampled watermelon (nobody in our family likes it) and I ended up buying a big chunk because you liked it so much... and you ate the whole thing. 
    • You eat spicy-- salsa and creole.  I made a spicy shrimp pasta the other night (with jalapeƱos) and you kept slugging down milk & reaching for more.
    • You don't love meat in general, but will tear up a Robinson's chopped beef BBQ sandwich.
  • Sorry for the potty picture, but this is a classic example of how you look when you eat. 
  • Every time you eat, you rub your fingers through your hair.  You take a bite with your fingers (sometimes holding a spoon in the other) and then immediately play with/stroke your hair.  By the end of the day we can see everything you've eaten all day.  Peanut butter, watermelon, cheese, banana... it's all up there. 
  • We wash your hair every night, but there is always food texture in your lovely locks.
  • If there is a dirty spot in the vicinity, you will find it... fall in it... or wipe dirt all over your shirt. No exceptions.
  • We're not being pushy, but you've woken up with a dry diaper on several occasions.  I've set you on the potty and have given you snacks and you eventually pee.  Hoping you'll make the connection before your 2nd birthday.
  • You love being outside. Even when it’s 100°F, you cry when we come inside and shut the door.  
  • Grandpa Cook's corn field
  • No fear.  You climb things and aren't ever afraid.  (This causes your mom to have small heart attacks.)
 Photo bombing Luke & Kaden's picture

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Upon the decision to move, came the decision to make some serious updates to the house on Stone Drive. There hadn't been many updates since the house was built in 1978, so the first thing on MY list was to attack the kitchen.  This meant removing a row of cabinets, changing lighting, redoing the tile & back splash and ripping off old wallpaper. 

Owen entertaining himself in the garage while I peeled layers of wallpaper.

Ben removing the row of cabinets that divided the kitchen in two.  He & Drew moved them to the garage and it made a huge difference in opening up the kitchen!
Luckily Mom & Drew came to Amarillo for the week to help with all of the renovations.  This was such a blessing as a TON got accomplished with them here.  Not only did mom watch & entertain the boys, Drew changed countless fixtures/lights and did countless electrical improvements. 

Kaden climbing the ladder in the kitchen.

Drew installing new recessed lights with the help of Owen.
utility room de-wallpapered
More to come at another time when Owen doesn't want to "type" with me.