Monday, February 13, 2017

1st-Grade Square Dancing

Ever since Kaden started school it's been hard to get him to open up and talk about what goes on during his day.  For the longest time many of our conversations went like this:
"Hey! How was school?!"
"Name one thing you all talked about today."
"Ummmmm...." (long pause)
"What did you do in writing today?"
"Uhhhh... I forgot...."

He loves school, has friends, does well, just doesn't talk about it much. I can't even tell you the names of half of the kids in his class.

He's been a little better this year, in 1st grade.  BUT in January he hopped in the car after school and immediately started talking about their square dance unit in PE and how excited he was about it.  
He even got a special square-dance award one afternoon for being so enthusiastic about it during PE/music time. 
So, OF COURSE, we got excited about going to the square-dance performance in February!  
And OF COURSE Julie announced that their family was coming too.  

Marley giving Kaden "eyes" each time she passed by.  Hilarious!
Even Nonnie and Papa came to watch this event. 
(Hopefully Grandma can come when it's Owen's turn in 2 years.)

swinging to the right and left
promenading around the square
Evelyn, Ellie Jo, Kaden, Luke, Owen and Gracie