Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 2015

Owen, the frog
Owen's 3-year-old class at Sonlight Preschool studying the lift cycle of frogs. 

Grace is 4-months old!

handstand progress photos... 6 seconds!
trying to get more bendy in my upper back. 

Practicing bike riding in the church parking lot after dinner 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Grandma's House

Always so much fun when we get to spend time at Grandma's house!
Mom & Drew tricked out the cozy coop!  Batman style.
Grandma & Grace
reading on the magic couch (pullout bed) upstairs

Jennifer basically running a daycare in mom's driveway

Kaden officially riding a 2-wheeler BY HIMSELF!

Kaden & Ava making cookies with me one afternoon

Playing with the bingo dobbers Jennifer brought by.
Ms. Bailey getting acquainted with Grace.
our wild crew
Kaden hanging with Jeff (literally) during Bailey's softball game.
Grace & Grandma
cleaning out mom's spice cabinet... and finding real treasures... Seriously.  
Antiques now.

rolling down the giant hill by the lake

Kyle: always a good time
the Drewster

playing catch with the new velcro mitt that Drew bought for Kaden. 

mommy & Grace

It was a really great week with mom- I love coming back to Missouri in the spring and fall.  
Although we didn't leave the house that much, we ALL had a great time visiting and playing outside.  Jennifer stopping by every day was another bonus.  
Looking forward to coming back in July!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kaden's New Trick

I figured mom's house would be the best place to practice riding a 2-wheeler: super-long driveway and a tiny bike.  I had no idea that he would basically take off after a couple tries. 

by himself!
Cruising on TWO wheels!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

On the Road Again...

After the race, I decided to hit the road with the kids and drive until Tulsa (1/2 way).

Owen enjoying his "big brother" role and helping Grace with her pacifier.

Stopping for dinner at Panera Bread in Oklahoma City.  
"Look!  Cows!"
I was more excited to see the lush GREEN grass.

Made it past Tulsa to Big Cabin, Oklahoma.  
Owen clearly excited to be in a hotel bed.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Christos Anesti!

He is risen indeed!

What a difference just 1 year can make:
Last Easter (2014)
This year (2015)

starting my morning with a sunrise at Palo Duro Canyon

Kaden & Owen discovering their Easter basket

Gracie ready for church

posing for a picture with my beautiful daughter... 
recycling my Easter dress from 2002 :)

daddy & Owen

The Dows forced family photo 2015
(#sorrynotsorry... I'm going to do this every Easter until they move out... and then beyond)

Sticking to last year's awesome Easter tradition, our friend group (a.k.a. sorority house) got together after nap time for egg salad, egg hunting, and wine drinking.

My Amarillo framily
Sarah, Laci, Laura, Christina, Abby, Kristin, Julie

Gracie and Sarah Black