Saturday, February 14, 2015

Yoga... OUTSIDE... in February... TWICE!

Warm weather has been good for business as people like being OUTSIDE when it's supposed to be cold.

me teaching a class at Las Tiendas

Kaden getting to tag along in the morning.

the following Saturday... 
baddha parsvakonasana
(bound extended side-angle pose)
Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 13, 2015


with mommy in the Moby wrap

Owen & Evelyn at John Stiff Park

first dinner with the girls (at Laci's house)
bottle with Kaden
(this picture just makes me laugh)
Owen werking while Ben works out.

(making Evelyn's day)

at Laura's house, making a fence

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Palo Duro Canyon Zipline

Julie was looking for something FUN to do for her mom's 61st birthday. 
They went to the Amarillo Rock Climbing House (ARCH) last year. 
This year she invited us to try out the Canyon zip line. 
Another GOOD decision!
Kaden and Owen getting their helmets & harnesses.
Ben with Gracie
Once we got off the tram, Owen expressed my feelings by NOT wanting to do it after all. 
Kaden didn't seem phased.

Part of the "experience" is to walk the swaying bridge to the zip line platform. 
This INDEED was the scariest part.  I seriously had doubts that I could do it (sweaty palms and all).

Ms. Evelyn ready to go-- she seriously didn't seem the slightest bit scared.
Happy Birthday, Joyce!

Mr. Owen at the top!
with Ben for scale
Owen and I DID it
Julie with Owen 

me and Kaden

Ben and Grace at the bottom
Our group
Kaden & Luke

Friday, February 6, 2015

Grace is 1 Month

Amazing at how time flies!
It's been a month at home with Ms. Grace Dow and thankfully she is SUCH a wonderful, good-natured baby.  She seldom cries and is an excellent sleeper.  She typically eats every 4 hours, even during the night so I feel fairly rested. 

At her 2-week appointment she had already put on a pound and gained 2.5 inches!  What?!?

Long & lean

briefly holding her head up, but not quite able to focus.  :)

Owen eating an apple, but deciding he does NOT need a haircut today.
Julie's barber shop

Wildcat Bluff Nature Trail

When the weather acts schizophrenic in February, you take full advantage while you can!
Kaden helped me pack a picnic and we drove to Wildcat Bluff nature trail before nap time.

Kaden carrying our lunch

Me posing with Grace in her Moby wrap.

lunch for everyone
fun Friday