Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 2016

 Yet again, Ben got to go on his favorite fishing trip: 
Vermejo Park Ranch.

my new pot I found at the Canyon farmers' market
and one lone tomato in my garden

 the faces of Owen Dow
 out to dinner at Sycamore in Columbia.

 swim time at the Holiday Inn Select's outdoor pool. 
 Gracie loving her frog float

champion apple eater

still drawing all of the time

playing with the equipment before mommy's class

Ben and Jay took the kids on a REAL camping trip at Ed's farm, outside Channing, TX.

Leyton (8), Kaden (almost 6), Ellery (11), and Owen (4.5)

registering Kaden for 1st grade at Paramount Terrace Elementary
and him being PROUD of his new cougar shirt
getting brand-new running shoes

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Camping Out

Daddy took the boys on their first camping trip along with Jay and his kids, Ellery and Leyton. They drove past Channing out to to Ed's farm on the rim of the Caprock.  

Leyton (8), Kaden (6), Ellery (12), and Owen (4)

watching the sun set

panoramic view of the canyon, near Channing, TX

Kaden told me all about the "hobo foil packs"
Deana made sure they ate a real meal (hamburgers, potatoes, veggies) besides Cheetos, s'mores, and soda.

Monday, July 25, 2016


Laci, Laura and I took Sarah to the Amarillo Rock Climbing House for her birthday this year. 
Learning how to belay and tie proper knots.

Laci learned that she was a spider monkey in her previous life. 

and seriously embracing friend "trust"
"Please don't let me fall!"

Happy birthday, Sarah!