Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

I told someone recently that I am REALLY enjoying the boys lately.  5 & (almost) 3 are fun ages where they can tell you what they want, have reasoning and coping skills, and they get excited about things. 
We had an ACTION PACKED 24-hours of Halloween!
finally making it to the pumpkin patch near our house to choose a pumpkin
Owen & Kaden
Yes, a HORRID picture, but I look like I swallowed a pumpkin!
I think my stomach expanded this week and I'm feeling it; completely stretched out!

Kaden loves the holidays (any holiday) and he seems to have a vision for all of the fun activities that we need to do.  Honestly, I don't know where he gets it because Ben & I can sometimes couldn't care any less about gift giving and celebrating.  
A while back I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew that Kaden would get a kick out of it.  
Not just a cherry-glaze from The Donut Stop... but a cherry glaze WITH sprinkles...
AND I turned it into a vampire.

Waking up to the "special Halloween surprise"

Next up, pumpkin carving at Julie & Nathin's house.  
(Kaden's real parents as they both LOVE to have fun and make every holiday special.)
Fun fact: when you go to the store around midnight, just before Halloween you can choose any pumpkin for next to nothing (in cost).  Hence the HUGE pumpkins Nathin found as he was leaving the hospital on Thursday night...
Kaden being brave to get the "guts" out.  After this ONE attempt, he was DONE.  
Kaden: "No way!  That is just so gross."

Julie, Luke & Evelyn

Love these girls! 
(Julie + Christina)
Going to town with a power drill after our carving knife broke. 

The boys taking a turn with the drill.  

For dinner, I also let the boys have a special dinner: mummy hot dogs.
(cool, Halloween version of pigs in a blanket)

Buzz-Lightyear ready for trick-or-treating!

Our huge kid group:
Ridge, Tressa, Ellie, Owen, Kaden, Luke, Evelyn, Nathan, Michal, Ellie-Jo, Erika & Katie
Almost everyone from "the sorority house" as Julie likes to refer to it: 
Abby, Sarah, Julie, Christina, Kristin, Laura (only Laci was missing).
Julie with "Oscar" (Chris)
parading down Linda Street.
Happy but EXHAUSTED by the end of the night. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 2014

Schatzi thinking she's a person, out on the back porch.
Crazy hair day at preschool.
taking Nonnie flowers on the morning of her birthday.  
picnic in the front yard

face painting at Burn Studio- customer appreciation night

Owen has had this thing lately about NOT washing his hair and NOT wanting a hair cut.  
Somehow we talked him into sitting in the chair (candy bribe) and lots of prep/showing him that clippers are just loud, not hurtful.

Ginger-DEAD men

raking leaves becomes fun with friends (Danni)

Moving the bookshelf from the baby room into the boys' room.
Can you tell that I used to be a reading teacher?  :)

I knew the boys were getting their pictures taken at preschool, but I was shocked to see Kaden in a cap & gown.  My life suddenly flashed forward about 13 years and I almost cried.  People are right- the time FLIES by!

less than 10 weeks to go
I'm ready!

Heather's birthday/farewell dinner.

back-porch sitting at Laci's

arts & crafts
Kaden's skeleton drawing.

BOO! at the Zoo