Saturday, February 27, 2016

February 2016

Crazy hair

Last BIG run before New Orleans... one less notch of stress... 

Lazer tag

You can't tell by his face, but Owen actually enjoys helping me mop the kitchen.

Super Bowl 50

not sure how everyone winded up shirtless... but it's February... why not?

Owen narrowly escaping the hot lava...

GRANDMA flew in from St. Louis for a visit.

and Kaden discovered that the Donut Stop opens in the dark of the night... 
We stopped in for donuts after dropping grandma at the Amarillo airport.

Grace experimenting with her mean scowls.

work Minions, WORK!
Kaden grating cheese for our enchiladas while Owen worked on cupcakes.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Awesomeness

... with friends
Owen really took charge of his Valentines this year.

Owen in Mrs. Gloria's 4-year-old class.

Round 2 in Mrs. Childer's Kindergarten class.  

Kaden giving his friend, James, an R2D2 bead project.

everyone invited to attend the party

waking K-man from his sugar-coma

getting special valentines in the mail from Grandma

The real deal spent with friends...
Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday this year and what better way to spend the day than with your favorite friends.  "The group" got together at Nathin & Julie's house on Linda Drive. 
Owen giving Grace a ride.

Sarah and Julie passing out chocolate covered strawberry bites.

just a swingin'

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Project

I bookmarked an idea from Pinterest several years ago and was finally able to put that idea to good use for the kids' Valentine's parties.
upcycled crayons, heart edition

Owen being my helper for the day while Kaden was in Kindergarten.

finished product: heart-shaped crayons

little Miss sleep sack

Friday, February 5, 2016


Out of the blue, I got a brand-new job at West Texas Ag & Mechanics University (WTAMU) teaching yoga to students in the fine arts building. 
Something happened with the regular professor and somehow I was called to fill in for the semester.  
Owen and I went on a "date" to WT so I could fill out paperwork. 
posing with the buffalo near the student union