Friday, September 30, 2016

September 2016

random photos from the month

riding pink pony in a princess dress (the dress she LOVES to choose from the drawer)

kid fit at the Town Club

Kaden waiting for his 7-year-old wellness visit

weird, but NOT bad...

Owen doing what he loves: the dino-dig, from Uncle Kyle

finding a turtle in the back yard

in a fitting room

this excited to be on a bus... to get to the rodeo

 Boys Ranch Rodeo 2016

I FINISHED embroidering the Christmas stockings

we started cub scouts...

getting fun things in the mail from 
Aunt Kathy and Grandpa

special DQ treats

Laci entertaining the kids while Kaden was in his piano lesson.

drinking wine, cruising Walgreens & acting ignorant while waiting for Nathan to be picked up from his junior-high dance.  I'm SURE we didn't embarrass him.  😂

Grace on the cherry bike

highlights from Santa Fe

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Harvest Party @ High Plains Food Bank

The High Plains Food Bank hosted their annual harvest party and invited everyone to their community garden on Osage Street, downtown. 

 This was the first time I had been to the garden and they had a lot of activities and learning opportunities for kids. 

checking out the ducks

easily keeping track of Grace

before trying to feed the goats


Owen and Laura's son, Ridge, painting pumpkins.


I didn't get any pictures of the kids harvesting tomatillos or peppers but they had fun.

Fire Slice pizza also partnered with High Plains and fed everyone pizza with vegetables harvested from the garden. 

 successful morning

Monday, September 19, 2016

Santa Fe, New Mexico

I downloaded a new app that allows me to update the blog from my iPhone so let's cross our fingers it works so I can get the past 6-months worth of photos off said phone. 
For Laci's 40th birthday we decided to live it up and enjoy a weekend in Santa Fe. THIS is NOT an easy task to coordinate between 5 girls juggling 8 kids, school pickups & dropoffs, husbands & work schedules, BUT we busted out our calendars in February and pinpointed a September weekend we could all agree upon. 

Walking the labyrinth and arriving in time for brunch. 
Kristin, Julie, Laura, Laci, and Kaitlyn
view from our house, just outside Santa Fe; a place Julie found off Air B&B. 
no words for this type of ignorance

the birthday girl
Breakfast at the Pink Adobe (wonderful!)

exploring the Saturday farmer's market
green chiles everywhere

"CATing a tree"

Birthday weekend also happened to coincide with the Buffalo Thunder Santa Fe 13.1 race. Laci clearly didn't care if any of us partook by stating, "y'all do whatever you want... I'm sleeping in and then going to brunch."

I found this race to be really enjoyable AND breathtakingly beautiful. It also didn't hurt that the last 10.5 miles were clearly DOWNhill. 
Craig Woods, our friend from Amarillo... who I was trying to keep up with and catch for a solid 6 miles. 😜
Bacon-cornbread waffles at brunch at Harry's Roadhouse Café afterward... the BEST reward for finishing.  
The perfect end to a wonderful weekend!