Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016

a month of randomness...
Grace loves us all but holds a special place in her heart for DADDY!

Late Easter present from Mary. Something came in the mail... 
Something she found "and could NOT resist." A new baking pan with Easter egg shapes. 

Swim lessons with Katherine again this spring. 
She is super-busy this semester with school and getting ready to run the outdoor pool but decided to give the Dow Boys and ONLY the Dow boys private lessons. ☺️

Saturday afternoon outside
kite flying 

STILL peddling the tricycle (flashback to three years ago)
LOTS of afternoons spent with the Seals kids...

Lego Mixel city. 
This company is incredible with their uncanny ability to keep kids buying more and more Legos. 

Yep.... A week in my shoes...
I believe this instance involved them acting like  ____ (animals/crazies/jerks) and since we were at Nonnie & Papa's, they thought they'd get away with it... 
Think again...

a final yoga class at WTAMU

Gracie's shoe fetish

Celebrating hard work in kindergarten 

Little road trip to Electra... to drop off Joyce's dogs.

Yard Sale Shenanigans

So much crap. 
(TWICE a year!) 
In our defense, we had about 7(!) families contributing this time.

Laura's garage hoppin' on Saturday morning, after the rain showers!
THE coat
Every sale we find a "treasured" item that we wear and take a picture of the person who bought said item.  This time it was the abomidible snowman coat.

And in the end, I decided to KEEP the coat.  Because.... seriously.  It's amazing.  And now I have something to trick-or-treat in. 
We sold an all-time high (volume and sales) AND I got rid of all of my baby stuff... all of it.  For real.   No pondering if there might be another one. 
And it feels so right.

We just need to remember to time this sale the weekend before Mothers Day again... as to have they boy scouts pick up all of our leftovers for their sale the following weekend.  

Kids Inc. Tennis

"I don't know.... I don't want to play... I don't know how to play tennis."
"Kaden, you all are in kindergarten. NOBODY knows how to play tennis...."

Those two lines, coupled with the fact that 4-weeks of Kids Inc. tennis was only $25 and a mere 1/2 mile from our house solidified Kaden trying tennis for a month.

And he was all smiles that first Saturday as they passed out shirts and rackets. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Spring Palo Duro Trail Run

With Laura, my regular running buddy letting her foot heel, I somehow talk Julie into running this bring trail half marathon with me.  Even though he didn't really train together, it was still a great decision!

Everyone warned us how difficult the spring trail run is compared to the one in the full, but I still wanted to do it-- still have something to look forward to and not let all those marathon training miles go to waste.

So in our minds we mentally prepared for it to be absolutely horrific…
I can honestly say it was one of the most enjoyable races I've ever done. 
The (cool!) people, the scenery, the (challenging) course, the weather that morning... everything. 
I loved it.

No shame for snapping photos while running.

Seeing Edgar at the start and finish was good, and it also felt good to know that I didn't finish too far behind. ;)
I also feel NO SHAME for finishing behind someone 2x my age... Ed is a "real runner".

Coolest "medal" EVER!

with a post-race breakfast by Laci.