Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Owen Turns 5!

When asked, Owen said he wanted a "hulk cake" and to go out to dinner at The Big Texan. 
When prompted over the next several weeks, these requests didn't change.  
so if we were going to make a chocolate cake, it should at least taste amazing...
This cake was a proven winner!  Real chocolate, a stout beer, and coffee along with caramel-buttercream.  You really only needed a couple of bites to be satisfied with this one.  

my disastrous kitchen
(between holiday and birthday baking)

picking out green M&Ms to smash

meanwhile... cards came in the mail...
even this special one from our very special friend, Kaaren.

THE Hulk cake

Onward to the Big Texan...
with friends and family... open invitation to anyone who wanted to attend
Julie & Evelyn

Miss Grace and mommy

cowboy serenade

The birthday man with his GIANT burger 
(that actually sustained him for three separate meals).

When at the Big Texan...

My cousin, Andy, was even able to make it in time as he was driving back from California.

Daddy and Gracie shooting 

Owen, Andy, and Kaden

Dow brothers

pure happiness
Papa choose another winner.

new shoes. 

Owen also got several other birthday presents, including his Paddington Bear and book from Grandma. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Missing Teeth

1st grade. When all kids begin to look more like jack-o-lanterns then 6-7-year-olds.

Kaden lost his bottom teeth months ago but the top ones became loose this fall.  He was very hesitant about pulling the top one out so after weeks of it seeming to hang by a thread, I made a deal with him, "as soon as you pull it out we can put up the Christmas tree."  
(Kaden LOVES all things holiday.)  
Bam!  That's all it took. Within minutes, Kaden walked back into the bedroom, tooth in hand. 


a couple weeks later...

The 2nd top tooth was about the same but with a yank from Julie.  

Ice-cream reward for that one.