Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Grace is 6-Months Old!

Holy cow! We've made it to six months!
According to Dr. Fletcher, you are perfect… you now way 16.8 pounds – 65th percentile & and are 28.25 inches long – >99th percentile!  Super-long!
Keep growing at this rate and you will catch your brothers. 

You still have the big red spot on the top of your head (the hemangioma that everyone asks about), but Dr. Fletcher said that he thinks that it's already starting to shrink and the redness is beginning to fade around the center (good things).
As you can see, your lovely dark curls have fallen out and it is looking very blonde-- just like your brothers' hair. 
Your eyes are a deep shade of blue/gray and it's looking like they might stay that way... which is very pleasing to your dad.  

You are the most content baby EVER!  (I know we have said this about your brothers, but you may be the most chilled one yet.)  You certainly do an amazing job of rolling with our crazy schedule without complaint.

You sure get a kick out of Kaden.  (He adores you by the way).
The first thing he does upon waking up is to come & check on your.  He also wants to hold you a lot and regular makes silly faces at you in order to make you laugh. 

Speaking of best friends, your BIGGEST admirer is Evelyn Seals.  I can't be around her without her asking about you/ where you are and when she can see you again.  Right now she is exactly 3 years old and can't wait for you to start playing with her.  Whether you want it or not, she is going to be your best bud.  Ha!
You just started rolling which is good… and bad. You often wake yourself up in the night now because you roll over.  BUT you typically go to bed and stay asleep, waking once in the night (around 3-4am)

No teeth at this point but you are chewing on your fingers (and toes) a lot.
We started you on solid food about a month ago.  You like bananas, applesauce, pureed peas, carrots and other sweet fruits/veggies.  You've passed on the green beans and avocado though (gagging).
You are still nursing.

You love your pacifier.  Love it. 
You cross your ankles all of the time- like a true lady. 

You are on the cusp of sitting up on your own.
You are strong enough to sit in the exersaucer and enjoy staying there for periods of time, playing by yourself.

You definitely enjoy being held, but also enjoy some alone time in your crib, which you have begun sleeping in since rolling over. 

You are getting better with your hands every day, reaching and grasping for objects.
"Grace you're beautiful!"
a term we've used a lot... which has rubbed off on Owen...
Mommy and grace at six months. Good news for you: I think you're prettier little lady.

Miss Grace:
We have loved you before we even knew you; when it was just the possibility of you.
You complete our family.
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More Running Fun

This has also been the 1st summer that I have consistently run 
(not the walk-run-walk thing we did last summer.)
Still some walking but definitely more running than ever before thanks to this lady. 
Off routing, and trying to get the Amarillo sign in the background.

Ranger, our protector
Getting my gun out with the Second Amendment cowboy. 
For me – this is a HUGE deal!
And yes, it makes me feel very cool.

Everyone has something they do in order to (re)gain their sanity.  
For me, there's something about sweating in the early morning quiet.
It's never fun to wake up to the alarm in the dark but I'm never in a worse mood when I'm finished for the day.

June 2015

photos from the month of June:
right after our yard sale we inherited a giant box of toys from Hunter Ward, who is headed off to college this fall.  SUPER cool toys: Legos, marble run, Transformers, dress-up costumes, etc.
all 3 in the bed
yoga in Las Tiendas park (those weekends it isn't flooded this summer)
Grace enjoying her stroller

the boys in their new hoodies- souvenir from Nonnie & Papa's trip
with all of the rain, we've had a lot of frogs hanging out in the backyard

Grace started solid food!
Here, the boys are licking out the food processor after making applesauce.

Going on a run/walk with daddy.
yes, Owen is flexing here... 

Making use of Leonardo's deck at Palo Duro Canyon

yes... this is a slip-n-slide at the bottom of the fort-slide
Evelyn & Ellie-Jo's 3rd birthday

Grace joining us at the big table

We have a new favorite place in town: Panhandle Salvage.
There, it's out there in writing.  I shop at the "dirty grocery", a phrase coined by Luke... 
Because you never quite know what you're going to get... and that ALL of this cost $7.11!

and this happened one afternoon.  I think he was trying to somersault and got stuck.  
I think head standing is waaaaaaay cooler.  :)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Color Run 2015

As soon as the color run (5k) was over last year, they talked about when we were going to do it again... They seriously never forgot about it – for an entire year, they asked when we were doing it again. Heck – if they're excited about running & Think exercising is fun, I will sign us up for a 5K any day.
We didn't quite have the giant group like we did last year, but it was still so nice to be there with friends.

Owen hitching a ride early on.

Ben isn't thrilled about the these type of "forced family fun" activities, but I was so elated that he decided to join us again!

Grace and her chariot. 
It's really hard for me to believe that she has only been in our lives for 6-months.

such natural smiles...
Waiting at the start line with Laura and Sarah. 
Owen and daddy
The Black family

Kaden and Ridge through the first color station

THIS is the picture that basically sums up why we decided to do this 5K again.


Miss Tressa

And somewhere during this off-road trail running section, the mood turned ugly… For Owen. 

Kaden was super pumped about his medal at the end.

Much more colorful an hour later.

so grateful for this little man
HE is the reason we have more fun in our lives.; he is always on the lookout for another fun adventure.