Monday, July 21, 2014

Owen is 2.5

Owen strings together quite a few words and sentences, but lately he has been playing with inflection. You can hear him animatedly whispering with big eyes or SHOUTING- sometimes in the same sentence.

His opening line to anyone/everyone lately, "I wanna drive a helicopter."
(Looks like he finally got to at Wonderland)

"You a MESS!"

When confronted with the word "no" Owen proceeds with, "I just want to see it" followed by, "I just want to touch it..." And "I just want to hold it."  And then if he makes it that far... "I just want to taste it..."

"I lub you."

"Give me dat RIGHT NOW!!"

"Gonna brush my teeth brush."

"Dat's a BIG OLE bless you," when someone sneezes, including himself.

"Rrrrraaarrr... I scare you... I'm a monster."
3-feet tall!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 2014

riding around the backyard

helping daddy tie flies

family dinner with Laci

Making vanilla bean ice cream

Kaden, Owen and Micah Black at the Southwest Townclub pool on the 4th. 

watching fireworks

fun ART afternoon at Laura's house.

baby (girl?) Dow

Homemade pretzels- definitely making these again!


Aunt Dorothy visiting 

He's BIG! 

The log ride 

Serious water gun

Completed a full primary series before Owen woke up. Success!

It's been an amazing summer full of rain and cooler weather. 

my sous chef

Snake at the Discovery Center

Getting ready for preschool
(can hardly believe Owen is going to school)

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Big Easy

While we are in Baton Rouge, we had the opportunity to go with Kathy & Ed, Dustin & Rhiannon down to New Orleans for two days. Ed got us rooms in the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel, which is located right in the heart of New Orleans- on the corner of Canal & Bourbon Streets, right at the edge of the French Quarter.  
View from the front of the hotel. 

Panoramic view of Ed & Ben outside Venice, Louisiana.

Ben & an unlucky red fish.
keepers: red fish & speckled trout 

While the boys were fishing, Kathy & I (and the little boys) walked down to the New Orleans Aquarium & IMAX theatre. 

looking at the lion fish

Kathy & Kaden

blue macaws

Owen fascinated by the turtle

In the IMAX theatre getting ready to watch "The Lemurs of Madascar" with our 3D glasses.

little frozen yogurt 

That same day we went with Kathy & Ed to a AAA baseball game with the New Orleans Zephyrs vs. the Memphis Redbirds (farm team for the St. Louis Cardinals).

They had a great, 20-minute fireworks show after the game.

We started the next morning by going on a little walking tour of the French Quarter.  Kind of sleazy and gross (and hot)... 

We enjoyed walking through this famous cemetery, which is still used as a burial site today.

And then we did the touristy Sight See bus tour of New Orleans, which was great; learned a TON about the city.
Dustin & Owen on our bus

The French Quarter: "clean version"
Overall, I thought New Orleans was an interesting place to visit, but like Vegas, it's probably much more enjoyable when you're young (don't have small children with you) and can enjoy a drink or two (not pregnant)... and enjoy a bit of sleaze (that pungent urine aroma that hangs over the French Quarter).