Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 2015

latest toy from Grandpa: The Big Dig

It was cool outside for about a day, which gave me fall fever.  
applesauce with some help from Laci's overabundant tree and roasted butternut squash for Gracie.

Why does Kaden look shocked here?  
Apparently he occasionally doesn't wear underwear... even when I say we are going to the mall to try on jeans... 

sleeping beauty

early morning walk to school

visiting our old house on Linda Drive. 

Grace perfecting her pincer grasp at grandma's by feeding herself blueberries, butternut squash and Cheerios.  

this is how we regularly find Owen at night AND during nap time... Passed out somewhere ON THE FLOOR.

the boys helping with my pedicure...
... and then they got one.

the hamster ball at grandma's house

happy lady

 Owen's 1st day of (4s) preschool, 2015.

Kaden now enjoys getting on YouTube and learning how to draw new things.  
Here he is looking at spooky Halloween characters.

Killing a little time on the Sonlight playground.  Kaden gets out of kindergarten at 1:30 and Owen doesn't get out of preschool until 2:00.  Grace loving the swing!

Kaden's latest creation at Burn Studio

 Why does Owen like to go shirtless... AND wear a helmet?
Ask Owen.

pulling up and not sure what to think about 3 boys in the tub

dang, that boy can draw!

ATC pool after school, remembering how to swim

running with Laura... it's what we do

Owen reading in the car.
"thank a farmer" at the Tri-State Fairgrounds

Owen found this baby goat and then carried him around. 

The blood moon
We took the kids out to the Blacks house and watched the eclipse from their front lawn.

lots of building with Owen while Kaden is at kindergarten

practicing bike riding (with Julie) in the church parking lot.

ice cream date at Braham's 

amazing friends 

cheers to 35!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

KT82 Trail Race

It's funny how races come about.
6 girls in a mini-van, running 82 miles from St. Louis to Hermann, Missouri sounded more like a "fun adventure" back in December when we entered our team name into the lottery.  
I was still pregnant with Grace, the weather was wonderfully COLD and running was something I longed for (mainly since it was something I could no longer do).  I'm sure that "winning the lottery" also had something to do with the appeal.

It WAS fun to hear that we "won" in February.
... and then around May it started to sink in that we needed to train for this and actually be able to RUN... in the HEAT... and HUMIDITY... and everything else Missouri offers at the end of summer.   
everything getting REAL the night before

team R.I.O.T @ 4:50 a.m., right before Jessica started. 
Yes, Running Is Our Therapy.  

Hard to see, but this was how the legs were broken up (6 girls, each running 3x).

Jennifer assigned me the #4 spot, something that simultaneously challenged me (mentally and physically) and totally freaked me out since it meant running over 18 miles with people expecting me to finish within a certain time frame.  
Oh, Jessica!

starting IN THE DARK of morning... 
Go, Laura, GO!
and yes, this had to happen for Grace...

Happily finishing my 7.25 miles and passing my bracelet off to Steph.
Steph not so happily finishing her rugged trail portion and tagging Jennifer.

hanging out, waiting for Laura...
(I was super-nervous for my mid-day run in FULL sun, in the heat of the day.)

Drew waiting in Dutzow with baby Grace.

I honestly think that Jessica's text, "your family and babies are waiting on you..." 
were the precise words I needed to keep me pushing forward and not calling Jennifer to somehow pick me up in the van.
Damn, it was hot!

Laura coming across the highway with me...
Getting a little teary at seeing mom at that particular finish point (pass-off point)
... and seeing the kids there (even though I'm quite sure they won't remember).
THANK YOU, Mom & Drew for being there with the kids!

Jennifer still smiling...


back in the van... 
the van in which we had acclimated to the smell...
and didn't even know how funky we were...

Meanwhile... mom & Drew had a little excursion to Theirbach's Orchard to play in the bounce house and pick up a few peaches while they took care of the kids ALL DAY.

Laura waiting on Michelle

Okay ladies... what's the game plan?

Lost Creek Winery

I know that all races feel good to finish, but this one felt REAL good...
handing off the slap-bracelet

My Missouri sisters
been friends for more than 20 years!

please untangle me...

crossing another leg off... Michelle = DONE! 

This one's for you, Sarah Black!  Deliriously happy to be finished!  ;)

Steph's last pass-off to Jennifer

van shenanigans

back in the van, passing Jennifer as she ran her final 2 miles

crossing the Missouri River at Hermann

Jennifer's last 1/4 mile
finishing the long day as a team
R.I.O.T.'s EPIC finish

Somehow a pretty medal and a "Bitchin' Betty" make the day a whole lot happier.


Not quite sure what was happening here, but I'm pretty sure that Jeff gets bonus points for sitting by us, let alone tolerating us raising our arms after not showering ALL day. 

GO! St. Louis sure knows how to make a damn-good medal. :)