Monday, May 27, 2013

Go Girl 13.1

In order to make sure the three of us actually get together is no small feat. 
9 months ago (no lie- last Labor Day), Jennifer asked me to sign up for a 1/2 marathon with her. 
She said that she wanted to do another one and if we signed up that far in advance, it was only $30 and a good excuse to get together in Columbia (one of my all-time favorite places).
I can't think of a better way of spending Memorial Weekend than with my two best friends.
 For a split second before the race started, I was able to say, "Hey!" and "Good luck!" to one of my former students from Moberly.  Emily Cameron just finished her freshman year at MACC.  She was doing the 13.1 race for the 2nd year in a row.
I would love to say that it was an easy race, but between the humidity, the HILLS, and the torrential downpour during the last several miles I was just glad to finish.
Jessica, (Brady,) Jennifer, Kristin & Stephanie thoroughly rain soaked and cold after the big 13.1
Thankfully Kyle & Steph were at the finish line with beach towels and sweaters.
Thawing out & pounding a bagel in the hot tub.
After cleaning up, Jennifer, Jessica and I hit downtown.
Having time to catch up, eat girly food, shop, and aimlessly wander without kids for an entire afternoon was such a treat that I (we) have taken for granted.
Taking a few pictures in front of Jesse Hall.
 Love these girls!
 Nachos Blanco from Addison's

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Missouri- May 2013

As I looked into the back seat, this was the look that Owen was giving me after only 10 minutes in the car.  Not happy to be strapped in for the day.
 during the 700-mile drive
 Playing with the new coloring book that Dawn bought. 
Angry Birds was a huge hit!
 We got to eat lunch with uncle Kyle and while we were there, one of his friends brought his new puppy to Uprise's outdoor patio.
 Haha... Always fun with Kyle.  Feeding the birds (not the angry kind)
 Soaking up some sun & chowing down on my apple-bacon-cheddar sandwich.
 Upstairs in Hitt Records.
Kyle taught Kaden how a record player works.

 The big-big surprise when we arrived at grandma's house!
Drew & mom found some kind of train set, complete with tracks and a battery-operated engine that makes whistles and chugs along.   
 Always learning something new.
Drew teaching Kaden how sand & make something smooth.

  ** MOM- if you have any other good pictures, email them... This is all I took with my phone.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Big Joel's Animal Safari

Always on the lookout for something new to do every time we head to grandma's house. 
This time, mom remembered Joel's animal farm that opened last year.
Joel Clinger was actually a classmate of Kyle's at Warrenton (k-12) and then at Mizzou.  After graduating with a degree in animal science, he opened his own animal farm/petting zoo with the help of his parents/family.
Owen loved seeing the animals almost as much as uncle Kyle.

 Owen, up close & personal with a miniature horse
Big Joel with his camel.
 "See!... See!" Owen's favorite quote lately.
Kaden & the other kids got the chance to feed the camel.  So neat!

This little miniature horse was such a good sport as Owen pet on him for a long time.


 The thing I enjoyed the most about Joel's place was that the kids could touch & feed many of the animals. He had a lot of variety and I felt safe letting the boys roam around the animals with their friends.


 Owen LAUGHING at the goats.
 Kaden talked about finding a turtle the whole time...


Both boys were TIRED by the end of the adventure.  So tired that they both passed out in the back of the car within 5 minutes of us leaving.  Success.

Kaden showing off his new shirt and post card.
 In their animal blankets, watching cartoons, courtesy of grandma.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Yard Sale

In preparation for the big move, I decided to have a yard sale and finally get rid of some of the stuff we've been hanging on to for too long. And a few baby items that I felt the need to part with.
 The second I mentioned it to my friend, Julie, she said,
"Awesome... I'm bringing my stuff too... When are we doing this?!"
The giant perk of living off a busy street is that we didn't have to advertize AT ALL. 
We put it out and they came.
 I was somewhat nervous about having our sale on Friday afternoon as I knew that we were going to have at least 4 kids running around.  Amazingly Evelyn & Owen (1-year-olds) stayed near the porch while Luke & Kaden (3-year-olds) played really well together in the living room.

Kaden & Luke having a picnic lunch of tamales... The tamales I got in the baby pool barter.  :)

Come on guys!

 For never having a yard sale, I thought we did really well. 
We made money on items that I otherwise would have taken to Goodwill or Faith City Ministries.
The boys got to put all of the change in "the pig" and Ben & I took our stash to Lowe's.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Medi Park

Kaden is to the age where he really enjoys being out & about and going on adventures.
Today I mentioned going to the park after my class at the Townclub and his response was,
"Hey, I have an idea... Let's make a picnic!"
There are specific things required in order to have a successful picnic:
a blanket to sit on (according to Kaden, one MUST have a blanket for it to be a real picnic)
Capri Suns
and then pretty-much any food that two kids under 4 will eat.
True to Owen's form, he wandered away fairly quick and happened to stumble upon the ONLY mud puddle in the acres & acres of park.  Literally, he stumbled in it.  As in walked into the mud, lost his balance, and fell causing his shoes & pants to be caked with thick, wet mud.
What to do?
Strip down and keep playing. 
It was hard enough to get here, we weren't leaving after only 5 minutes.
 Little mess!