Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015

May in pictures:
setting up a big outdoor screen at Julie's house... a summer of movies outside.
Grace swimming on Sarah's lap.
Micah's baseball game
family naps... 
with an occasional friend thrown in (Luke on the top bunk)

Owen painting a pot for Mother's Day
(sorry mom, for ruining the surprise)

The Seals backyard... 
now complete with a FORT!
Grace trying out the Johnny-Jump-UP
TOT shine time for Kaden
bear crawling
Kaden & Luke

There has been talk of the Color Run since last June when we did it for the 1st time.  I had NO IDEA it would leave such an impression not the boys so we signed up to do it again! 
(pictures to come at the end of June)
posing after our 1st "training run" around the neighborhood.
Owen killing it.
Our 1-mile route

Kaden supporting his BFF at First Baptist preschool graduation
(Later that week, Luke attended Kaden's graduation.)

Mother's Day:
my necklace is complete

Monday, May 25, 2015

Grapevine, TX

As a part of Ben's birthday, I was able to get tickets to the Crowne Plaza Colonial Golf Tournament in Fort Worth, Texas.  This also coincided with the last week of school and Ben just-so happened to have that Friday off so we made a long weekend in Grapevine with Deann & Norman.

I told Owen that a troll lived under the drawbridge at Deann's front walk.  

The best memory of their house is their outdoor pool... complete with lots of water toys.

Daddy & Owen chillin' poolside.

Miss Grace just learning how to roll over. 

Best toy = the bumper boat, complete with a water gun. 
Helping Owen out of the boat.

Breakfast table with Norman. 
Notice the boys' drinking glasses: shooters... as in gun cups.  :)

Even though it rained most of the weekend, Ben had a great time at the golf tournament and got to follow Duffner around.  

I got to make a couple grocery store stops, which is always a blast for me. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

One Done With Preschool

Pictures of Ms. Stacy's 5-year-old class:

and the last day luau in Ms. Taylor & Ms. Shelly's 3-year-old class:

Owen walking up to get his special award:

I could NOT have asked for better teachers this year than Ms. Taylor and Ms. Shelly.  
They always had so many neat activities planned and were the best personality fit for Owen.  Not sure what I would have done this year without them making my life easier. 

Sonlight Preschool Graduation:
Kaden up on the big screen with his exit interview... stating that he wants to be a "master builder" when he grows up.

Luke Seals, Kaden's BFF

just about my favorite picture in the whole world!  Everyone's personality shining through.

Nonnie & Papa came to Kaden's special night.