Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 2016

hammock playing with Owen and Evelyn

front of our new house

Kristin & Laura (after our run) on GLOBAL running day.

feeding LOTS of kids
bribing Sarah with homemade apple pie 

summer school mornings

friend night out at Suite Escape
ALMOST solved the puzzle in an hour.

early morning sunrise at the canyon

tandem bike time


rainy day activity with Luke

learning how to crochet

Watching "Finding Dory" in the theatre.

playing in the courtyard while planing new succulents

staining Sarah's stairs while she took care of our kids at Lutheran VBS

Ben's impromptu reunion with high school friends 

new (grownup) COUCH!

Happy birthday, Evelyn!

attempting to cool off in Lubbock

swimming with daddy

ready for the Townclub pool

dinner at Napoli's, downtown

Gracie @ 18 months

Dr. Fletcher report
Height: 34.5" (95th percentile)
Weight: 23.5 lbs. (50-75th percentile)

Gracie, you give THE BEST hugs!  
You use your whole body for a full-on press AND you hang on for several seconds. 

You have amazing hair. (Seriously, I'm jealous of it.). It's curly and has sass-- just like you.  Your dad loves to see it pulled up with a tiny bow. 

You also like to wear things around your neck-- blankets, scarves, and even Owen's big stuffed snake named Friendly. 
While driving I heard you grunting and working in the back seat only to find that you had finally maneuvered your blanket around your head. 

You definitely don't like to be told "no!"
(none of us do)
This is the face you made when I told you the cookie dough was going away; no more. 
...and you love to eat. Almost anything. 

You love going to the pool but like to get wet on your own terms. 
You don't love the sprinkler yet.

You're a climber!! Even more than your brothers were. Even though we have a high top dining table, you scale the barstools and we find you sitting on the table pretty often. 

You also have a serious fascination with toothbrushes and toothpaste.  You're constantly finding ours, carrying them around the house and trying to brush your teeth/eat toothpaste.

But even more, you love riding on the back of my bike or on my back, in the baby sling.

You LOVE daddy!!

And you are crazy-smart.  And I'm not just saying that since I'm your mom... you might be smarter than the boys.  ;)

Gracie, we love you so-so-SO MUCH!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Wonderland night with the Dows and Seals.

meh... close enough 

best friends