Saturday, January 31, 2015

End of January

cookies in the back seat
after Preschool
Owen getting in on feeding Grace.  And did a GREAT job!
Kaden's painting from Burn Studio.

Julie, Sarah, Christina, (Grace) and I went out on the town to a benefit dinner... one of our better decisions in life. 
14 restaurants from around town.  14 different macaroni & cheeses to try and vote on.
Sarah Black and Julie
Sarah & I

Kaden & Luke lunching at the Big Texan

Owen digging for dinosaurs 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Family Photos 2015

A week after Grace was born, we had someone come to the house to take family pictures.  
I told her (Heather Ladd) that I only wanted a few good pictures of the boys, Grace and anything else was bonus-- realistic expectations. 

Absolutely love these pictures:
The Dow Family
January 2015

(my favorite)

and a few I took on my phone the day before:

Kyle & Anna Come to Town

Christmas #4? 

Grace Kyle 
and the original Kyle...

Donut Stop time
We realized the BEST time to visit the Donut Stop:
the 1st Monday of the year.  Everyone seemed to be on a diet but us.  We basically had the entire place to ourselves.
Kyle and Anna did an AMAZING job of getting the boys presents: 
dinosaur dig (with kinetic sand), books, finger puppets, glow in the dark star stickers for their ceiling... 
eating at Jorges
getting dessert
(fried ice cream)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Home... Happy New Year!

Life just got REAL: we are outnumbered.

Getting to spend time with grandma

Abby & Katie meeting Grace

the Yoga Mala went on... snow storm and all...
I squeezed into a pair of REAL jeans and it felt so good. No elastic.  
making a snowman with daddy

auntie Laura over to hold the baby before dinner.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Grace Kyle Dow is here!

Early morning of December 30, 2014
Mom/grandma (thankfully) came to town to watch the boys while we drove to Northwest Texas Hospital for my scheduled induction.
Final pregnancy photo: 39 weeks
At first there wasn't much to do but wait: text, read my Kindle.  
That phase was fairly short lived.
Pitocin began in my IV and the games began.
All I can really say is I am so incredibly grateful Ben was there to get me through and that it was a fast labor/delivery.  Natural labor is NO FUN and I never have to experience that again! :)
first glimpses at Ms. Grace Kyle Dow
Born at 12:52 p.m. 
7 lbs, 9 oz and 19.5" long
I was in a fog when Kaden was born.
Slightly knew what to expect with Owen.
Overcome with emotion when Grace arrived.
3 wonderfully perfect babies.
Ben with his mom.
Grandma Claire

Grace getting her 1st bath

Laura coming to visit and taking a picture to send back to the group.

Grace with Grandpa Cook
Grace meeting her older brothers...
... and getting a kiss from Owen

meeting the Seals kids (and Julie)

Mr. Jay came for a visit
Papa Dow
hanging out at the hospital for an extra day, which was fine by us.  It was snowy, WINDY and sub-zero in the world outside.
Happy New Year, baby Grace!
Heading home on New Years Day