Monday, January 31, 2011

To Have A Friend

Just recently, Kaden has begun to recognize Danni Shea Richard as his friend.
Granted, she may be his only "friend" at this stage, but he has gotten quite attached to her and gets excited when I tell him that we're going to play at Heather & Danni's house.

Sharing a book in the big chair in Danni's room.

This past weekend, I uploaded our park pictures to the computer and showed Kaden the slideshow.  His little face immediately lit up upon seeing Danni as he pointed to her picture & shouted her name with excitement.  When the slideshow ended, I gently closed the laptop only to have Kaden fling himself onto the coffee table, clutch the laptop and whimper her name...
which sounded more like, "Nannie!"

Friday, January 28, 2011

John Stiff Park

One of the joys of living in the Texas panhandle is that the weather is constantly changing. 
On Friday Heather & I took advantage of the gorgeous 67° weather by driving the kids over to John Stiff Park.  AND just like every Friday at Sundown Lane, we enjoyed a little Taco Villa! 
Monkey see, monkey do...
Kaden slowly climbing his way up to the slide area, which he must have done at least a dozen times!

Heather helping Danni hang from the monkey bars.

Kaden loving the park.
Me loving the 3-hour nap he took after he wore himself out!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kaden Sleeping

As I walked into Kaden's room this afternoon, I found this. 
My dreary day suddenly became brighter.
Who knew a phone could take such good pictures?

Friday, January 14, 2011

16 ½ Months Old!

• In the last month or two, you’ve really begun to chatter and gesture more.
It’s fascinating to listen to; although it doesn’t make sense (to us) you experiment with tone and inflection as if you’re carrying on a conversation.

• You may be a man of few words, but you definitely understand a lot! I can give you simple directions and you follow them. For example, if I ask you to find my shoes, you waddle over to my closet and start looking. (I know I’ve said this before, but I am really going to have to start censoring more.)

• You are into EVERYTHING! Drawers, cabinets, files, shelves…
not to mention CLIMBING things…

• Like most toddlers, you don’t like the word, “No.” I must give you credit—you are good at listening to it even if it makes you MAD to close the dishwasher, or climb off the coffee table.

• You seem to be fascinated with all animals, but LOVE dogs.
When you see one, your face lights up as you point and exclaim, “DOG!”

• You are still on the petite side. You wear clothes ranging from 9-18 months. 12-month pants seem to fit you best.

• Bread is still your favorite food. I haven’t found a bread you didn’t like.
trying to swipe one of Ava's chicken nuggets

• You like to eat! You say something like “meese” (like the plural form of “moose” if that were a word), which means “more” to you. I sometimes marvel at how you stay so little with all you can put away.

• I have to be careful not to let you carry my phone away because I’m always a little scared that it’s going to wind up in the toiled. (You LOVE flushing the toilet!)

• Our grocery store trips have gotten somewhat easier, although I need to keep them quick so you don’t try to crawl out of the cart or throw things from the basket. I’ve started going to the grocery store at night… by myself… in order to make this experience more pleasurable as it used to be. I’ve always enjoyed grocery store trips.

• I can tell when you are tired because you start pulling on your ear and your eyebrows & rims of your eyes turn red.

• You are still a good sleeper (8-7) and napper. Sometimes you take two naps but mostly it’s just one in the middle of the afternoon. Thank God!

• I enjoy taking you to the nursery at the gym now that you’re an accomplished walker. (I used to feel guilty dropping you off when you were little.) You seem to have a good time playing with different toys and watching other kids.

• You seem to have a gentle spirit. I’ve never seen you purposely push or hit someone.
With that being said, you also seem to get your feelings hurt easily.

• Right before Christmas, you started noticing the TV.
I turned Sesame Street on and you watched "Elmo's World" for a solid 5 mintues.

• I hate to say it, but your favorite Christmas toy was the BOX that contained my new toaster oven. Said box is still sitting in our living room.

• You LOVE to give hugs!  I normally get 20+ a day.

• I love walking into the house after being gone just an hour or two. You & Schatzi are always SO EXCITED to see me! You beam and amble across the room to give me a BIG hug around my neck.  It is the BEST!

• You like to play hide & seek by peeking around a corner of a doorframe.

• You’ve proven yourself a worthy travel companion. We (you and your mama)
DROVE 3,500 miles in 10 days over Christmas break
(Texas • Oklahoma • Kansas • Missouri • New Mexico • Arizona).

Wonderful New Skill

This might be a skill that only a mom/dad can appreciate:
The ability to blow one's nose.
Think about it. 
How would you go about teaching someone with limited vocabulary/experience to
"blow their boogers out?"  I must say with cold season in full-swing, this newly acquired skill is making my life much easier...

Obviously NOT a lot going on in our lives at the moment if this is the biggest news story.