Monday, November 30, 2015

November 2015

every day that it is warm, we try to throw the kids in Julie's backyard for "yard time".

I got the opportunity to travel to Denver, colorado for the weekend for a training: 
Jillian Michael's BodySHRED.  
A class that Tricia and I will be teaching at Amarillo College in the New Year.

(struggling with leaving the mountains)

Mama-Kaden date to Orange Leaf. 

Everyday Owen in some sort of costume.

Hanging with Aunt Dorothy. 

Gracie doing one of her everyday chores: 
emptying all of the silverware from the dishwasher to the floor.

Getting MAIL from Danni Richard... all the way from Ohio.

bath time for all 3

Early morning running shenanigans... don't ask.

Miss Gracie playing in the leaves.

Happy Birthday, Laura Seals!

Owen passing out.

footed pjs

Kaden learning a new skill: sewing (side stitches).

Owen NOT picking up the bathroom toys...

Friendgiving 2015

Gracie's kitchen sink bath at 11 months.

Mama getting more comfortable with handstands & back bending...

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Friendgiving 2015

Our friend group started a tradition that just might be one of the best traditions yet: 
We pick a Saturday in November where everyone is free and we do our OWN Thanksgiving with our "Amarillo Family".
 Laura, Kristin, Christina
Laci, Julie, Sarah, Trenda
Thanksgiving 2015

Kristin's savory sweet potatoes
 all of the kids (young and old) playing on the activity table cloth. 

 Micah and Kaden playing tic-tac-toe