Thursday, May 29, 2014

Warrenton & Beyond

After spending a day in California, we went onto Columbia to see Kyle and mom.  
Months ago I signed up for the Go Girl 13.1 race (something I was really questioning the day before with the morning/all day sickness that suddenly started).
eating dinner at Flatbranch Pub with Grandma & Kyle
Uncle Kyle- always a fun time

Getting to swim in the Holiday Inn pool.

and going grocery shopping with Mr. Owen

getting to enjoy cool weather and RAIN from mom's deck

We also got to spend time with the Schneiders.
(Brady-2, Bailey-8, Ava-4.5, Owen-2.5, Kaden-4.5)
Getting donuts before playing at Binkley Park

We always try to do something fun whenever we go to mom's house since there are so many things to do around St. Louis.  This time we drove to the Magic House, near Kirkwood where mom grew up.

Kaden drawing through Jack's magic beanstalk.

and Kyle, of course, being Kyle in the "branches of government" section

We couldn't hardly tear Owen away from the water table

blowing giant bubbles

And the static ball... probably the most memorable part of the Magic House- even when I was a kid.

going down the giant slide

Yes, clothes ON in the pool.

Camping outside with uncle Kyle.  Pretty posh camping too, complete with an extension cord for a radio and lamp.  Ha!  Kaden made it all night.  :)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Visiting the Farm

1st summer trip to Missouri. 
I have to say that the boys did incredible on the drive to Missouri- probably their best trip yet.
There was a lot of reading, coloring, and playing with tiny trucks throughout the day.

The games you play when trying to stay awake and focused for 11 hours.  
(Trying to sit in lotus for 5 full minutes)

Once we got to California, we had a mini family reunion.  Stephenie invited our cousins over to the house and Kyle made the drive in from Columbia.  

Over the past few years there has been a kid explosion.  
That night there were 6 kids under the age of 5 running around Steve & Dawn's backyard. 
brand-new tire sandbox

The next morning we drove up to the farm to show all of the boys (Kaden, Owen and Brayden) the new (week old) twin calves.  


Kaden taking a turn

dad with his future help

(Great) Grandpa Cook still driving to the farm every day at 91.

running up the road and getting to ride on the flatbed with Stephenie

checking out dad's new farm ground

One of Kaden's highlights of going to the farm was getting to ride in the back of the pickup truck.  
Can't believe how old he is looking lately!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day & Hope and Healing 13.1

Several months ago Laura (Abby) and I made a plan for several races in a row in order to keep us running through the cold winter months.  There aren't many 1/2 marathons around Amarillo, but we did the Hope and Healing 1/2 Marathon last year and since we had such a good experience, we decided to go it again.  After all, it's a local race for a great cause. 
Ben was able to bring the boys to cheer for Laura and I at mile 7.5.  
And as pathetic as this may sound, I ate an almond butter sandwich at mile 10 
(only the best made by Ms. Laci Scott (seriously, she makes her own almond butter at home) 
After all, it's hard work running with a tiny baby inside you!  :)
Kristin, Laura, and Abby together again.

Found my yoga-buddy, Jackie, at the finish line. 
Laura & her son, Ridge

Abby stretching

mommy & the boys

Eating quiche-- since it was Mother's Day, Shanny & I got to pick what to eat.
(and calling it "breakfast pie" in order to get Ben on board)