Monday, March 28, 2011

Cookie Monster

We've been used to Kaden walking around for quite some time, but we are still getting used to his climbing abilities.  Over the past few months he has been climbing on the furniture but more recently, he has been pushing his limits and exploring ways around me telling him "no" to certain snacks (i.e. I think you've had enough yogurt rasins... You are going to spoil your appetite.)
If I'm not moving fast enough/ not willing to get him a snack out of the kitchen cabinet, he simply decides to do it himself.  He will go to the table to get a kitchen chair, butt it against the counter and climb aboard...  As in climb the chair, pull himself UP onto the counter, and stands in front of the cupboard to get his OWN snack!
Discovering mommy's cookie dough up on the counter...
His response to, "And what do you think you're doing?"
At least this took place after a decent dinner tonight.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

How Much?!

Several years ago, before Kaden was born, I remember reading an article that discussed the literal cost of raising a child born in 2010. From heath care, to clothing, food, education, etc., the projected expense to raise a child (birth to 18) hovered around $250,000… WHAT?!
AND that was supposedly a conservative figure as it didn’t even consider the cost of college tuition! Yet another reason I was nervous about becoming a mother… How were we ever going to afford a child, much less raise him/her right?

Yes, I know it's expensive to raise a child, but I'm not sure how much this article took into consideration whether others help along the way. I will never forget the feeling I had after our first baby shower: touching everything, folding tiny onsies & making little stacks by size/season.  I distinctly remember smiling & marveling at how MUCH love & support we had from our friends & family.  SERIOUSLY, I sat in the middle of the piles to write "thank you's" and couldn't get over how it was all miraculously coming together. 

 In the picture above, I am reminded of so many people who helped us in the past two years.
(crib: belonged to Ben & cousins, bumper: great-aunt Deann, monkey blanket: great-aunt Pat, bunny rabbit: great-aunt Kathy, stuffed tiger: grandma Cook, stuffed monkey: Heather, jammies: probably from Leo's bag of cast-offs... the light blue blanket is the only thing I bought.)

Kaden & Schatzi and the "new" monkey blanket.

 Somehow, 19 months have passed. In addition to clothes and toys coming from both grandmas, great aunts, and aunties, we’ve somehow (thankfully) managed to wind up in the middle of a gently used clothing circle. This summer Kaden will be two and I’ve hardly had to buy outfits on my own. Amazing!

Raising Kaden has been the most fulfilling thing we have done… no matter the “cost.”

Friday, March 18, 2011

Don Harrington Discovery Center

I have been to the Discovery Center many times on field trips with the kids from school, so I was excited to finally take Kaden to see their newest exhibit... Dinosaurs! 
We met Angie & Jace, and Heather & Danni there.
Both T-Rex & Triceratops made eerie, life-like movements & noises as if they were sizing you up as you made your way through the room.  Although he didn't cry, Kaden sure stayed close during this part of our visit!
They were exhilirating, yet slightly terrifying at the same time.
Jace giving Kaden a hug.

From the dinosaur area, we made our way past the BIG kids onto "kinderstudio,"
where everyone in our group could play freely.
 Kaden making his way through the mirrored tunnel.

This bean-bag horse was a huge hit! I wish he had something like this at home...
But then again if it were at home, I'm not so sure it would cause the same blissful reaction.
 As we walked back to the front,
this small fishtank with "FROGS!" sure caught the boys' attention.
It was a fun morning and I am sure we will be making many more trips to Amarillo's Discovery Center over the next few years.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Walking & Running

Since the weather was so nice when we arrived in Warrenton, mom (grandma), Kaden,
Triumph (weiner dog) and I decided to go for a walk.  I cleaned out the little Radio Flyer wagon
and placed Kaden inside. 
In my mind, the this idea seemed wonderful.
In reality, Kaden wanted to walk on his own OR...
... pull the wagon HIMself.
By the end of our "walk" I think we might have totalled 100 yards.  Maybe.
Recently I heard someone say that walking with a toddler is similar to walking a turtle.  I laugh to myself when I think about this because it's so true.  Regardless, we all had a good time being outside.

Luckily, Jennifer came over later that evening and we went for a run together and got some real exercise.  I have to admit that I was slightly terrified to run with her since she is currently training for the GO! St. Louis 1/2 marathon.  She was so uplifting & inspiring to run with that I actually would forget that I was running, went the furthest distance I had ever gone before and actually had FUN!  What?  THANK YOU FER!  Can't wait to see you do the real deal!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I LOVE having time to get with my girlfriends, and within the last week I've gotten to spend some quality time with BOTH of my best friends from home: Jessica in Oklahoma City
AND then Jennifer in Warrenton!  What a treat!

Kaden either likes being around girls... or is just happy being around other kids close to his age.
Jeff, you'd be so proud to see Ava showing NO interest, even irritated, with Kaden trying to hug her and completely invade her personal space.
Grandma Claire brought home several boxes of Girl Scout cookies for everyone to enjoy.
Jennifer had the hard job of trying to keep Kaden from inhaling them too fast. 
Kaden also seemed somewhat fascinated by Bailey, and climbed up on top of the small stool to watch cartoons with her, cookie in hand. 

Hopefully Jennifer and I can catch up more one of these nights after the babies go to bed...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

True/False Film Festival

Anyone want to watch a few documentary films around Columbia this weekend @ the
True/False Film Festival?  Grab a bite to eat?  Ruth?