Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Color Run

Around Christmas, I told Ben that we needed more "family fun" or quality time together.  I asked him if he would do the color run with me and the boys and his response was, "June?  Sure."
The boys weren't quite sure what to expect, but they were excited.  
Kaden even started running laps at the Townclub with Luke in order to "get ready for the race".
Our group
Now look how thrilled Ben looks 6-months later...

I think he may have enjoyed himself a little.
Kaden took off and ran with Laura, Ridge, and Luke while Owen ran with Ben and I.  
I was so proud of Owen; with him cruising along at our walk pace, he was truly running and kept at it for at least 1.5 miles.  

Sarah, Micah, Michel, and Luke.

Ben actually looking like he's having fun.  He even said that he was, "almost inspired to run."  
Fair enough. 

So happy!

Julie's mom, Joyce, and Katie pushing the stroller.

Abby and her girls when the rain began. 

The wet trek back to the car.

Julie & Joyce

This is what happens when you do the color run... and then it rains...

Hud's breakfast burritos