Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

pre-Halloween dinner
chicken POT pie with a ghostly crust

pumpkin carving Halloween morning

playing in (on?) the fort during the day

making magic happen...

complete costumes: a spooky bat and a spooky mummy

Gracie, the kitty cat.

Julie & Christina

the three amigos

Halloween 2015

Since Nathin works almost every holiday in the ER, Julie does her best to bring the holidays to HIM. We joined the fun by making "mummy dogs" and mac & cheese... with a few granny smith apples on the side.
We are pretty sure that no other employee gets more visitors than Nathin.

daddy & Gra
Mommy & Grace

kid group

mom group

taking Paramount by force

My favorite picture of Kaden this Halloween.

Our group: what a force we were!

Evelyn, Gracie's best friend, holding her hand as we walked down the sidewalk.

Owen walking back to Seals' house.

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
being projected in the front yard at Nathin & Julie's house.

The great candy exchange.

October 2015

This month in pictures

Hellllooooo new bike!  Ben and the boys bought me a new bike for my birthday.  We still need to figure out how to attach the baby seat as I'm sure the baby sling isn't the safest option.  Grace had fun though. 

Kaden decorating a birthday card for grandma.

look who is pulling up to stand ALL the time!

Zucchini-apple spice muffins

Slave labor- counting & sorting yard sale money

Good ole Ricky, excited about selling some crap and possibly getting a new roof.

Test-driving some bean bag chairs after selling a few toys, the desk, and clothes in the yard sale. 

Treasures that weren't flying out of our fall garage sale. 

Walking to pick up Kaden from school. 

2nd round to hit our house this season: 
This time it was strep.  Luckily we have a Dr. hookup in the form of Nathin.
Had to explain to the boys that people don't normally meet their doctor in the hospital parking lot.

lunch with the Zumba girls!

After MUCH practice, Kaden can tie his tennis shoes!

Fun Owen news: 
He won a basketball with this picture.  ;)

Owen having fun at TOT basketball

Miss Grace sitting in a chair

cup CAKES!

Ben having a blast at Ricky's 1st birthday party.
Dalhart High School, class of '93

fun with Owen

my boys

fun in the bath

Hoping this isn't the preview for the winter we are rumored to have this year.

Mummy costume making for Kaden. 
attempting if you flashcards with the Littles...
NOT Owen & Evelyn's finest hours...

trying out a couple of different costumes...

Daddy getting some bonus points for taking the kids to a trunk or treat at the hospital.

Owen enjoying my dinner

Fun with dinner: making a ghostly cover for our chicken pot pie. 

Figuring out how to dress-up for a Halloween cardio class: a cape!

Gracie @ 10-months