Sunday, March 16, 2014

More Spring Break 2014

One of the first sights upon walking into #20 (our house).
hanging in the "hot pool"

waiting... waiting... waiting... for fantastic Mexican cuisine.
Frank & Lupe's is one of the few places we come to every time we visit Scottsdale.
I feel like we have reached a turning point and can more fully enjoy eating out with Kaden and Owen.  We waited for at least 20 minutes for our table and then patiently waited for our food in a fit-free environment.  Hallelujah! 
buena vista 

This was one of the 1st views that I came upon during an early-morning jog.  
I love running this route.  It's quiet, it's the best view of camelback mountain, it's full of beautiful flowers & pristine cactus; truly a desert paradise. 
Owen literally worked on this masterpiece for over 20 minutes one morning!  
We might have yet another artist in the family.
We got to spend a couple afternoons with Stephenie and Brayden. 
Somehow piling on a exercise ball became a very fun game  

Bye Scottsdale... until next time...

Selfie fun

approaching Albuquerque, New Mexico

Friday, March 14, 2014

Butterfly Wonderland

I was looking for something to do on our last full day in Scottsdale and noticed a new place off the 101 loop: Butterfly wonderland.  
Rockin' our 3D movie glasses 
It's almost embarrassing to admit, but Ben and I haven't ever been to a 3D movie. (Gasp!)
Our butterfly experience began with the 3D version of "Flight of the Butterflies," which documented the migration of the Monarch butterflies from Mexico to Canada. Owen wouldn't keep his glasses on, but it was so fun sitting next to Kaden during this 14-minute film because he did what I wanted to do-  continually reach out and try to touch the butterflies.
Seriously, it was really cool.
Butterfly hatchery. 
Right away, one landed on Ben's glasses and made it's way around his face. 
More brave than I. 

I mean seriously... why even bother with hair or makeup when it's over 80 degrees with over 80% humidity?  :)
In the butterfly chair. 

Again... attracted to Ben. 
Looks like a plain, brown butterfly. Stunning on the inside. 
Owen loved seeing the butterflies until they got too close. 
Look at his face. 
"Get away, butterfly!"
"GET AWAY, Butterfly!!"
So funny!  I was pretty impressed that he listened to rules and he refused touch it.  
That, or he was too scared to poke it. 

one finally landed on mama

my beautiful new hairpiece 
"Look, Mama!" 
has been my favorite quote from Owen lately. 
Kaden may not have had a butterfly land ON him, but he still enjoyed the trip. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Desert Botanical Garden- Chihuly

I've always enjoyed visiting the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix but when I heard that they were hosting a major Chihuly exhibit, I really wanted to go. 
Chihuly's glass was artfully placed to compliment the desert plants and environment.  
And when the sun began to set, the exhibit took on an entirely different look.  
Walking along the path with lots of warnings not to touch anything- cactus OR glass.

Kaden & Mary

I love this picture.  
Kaden's face, "seriously?!"... the fact that it looks like Owen just peed... 


there were lots of tastefully placed spikes around the entire area

This "sun" sculpture was one of my absolute favorites
A BIG-GIANT cactus!
Even though it's a beautiful picture, it doesn't quite capture how great it looked in person. 
the balloon looking glass sculpture was the boys' favorite

Our little family.
This is the same sculpture as the first picture, but looks entirely different as the sun went down and it became illuminated.
the blue pair of butterfly wings from the gift shop

Just one example of Mary's planning and cooking for every night's meal.  
She knew that we wouldn't be back until after dark, so she threw in some (fast cooking) shrimp so we could eat as soon as we got back.  
...because I love beautiful pictures of food. 
boys' approval
Owen holding up his fork to do "cheers". 
(the clinking of tines)