Sunday, March 19, 2017

... more spring break 2017

 More pictures: 

 per usual, Ben got to play several late-afternoons of golf while we visited/shopped/napped/dinner prepped.

 Mary & Doug are season ticket holders the the off-broadway performances at the ASU Gammage.  When in town, they typically attend a performance every few weeks.  
While we were there, they gave me 2 tickets to "Finding Neverland".  Since Kaden typically gets to do everything (1st born), I decided that Owen might be better suited to this outing.  
 We had a WONDERFUL time on our date!

What an incredible performance!

Cheez-its at intermission

I couldn't help but snap a few photos of Owen during the performance: 

always a trip to Trader Joe's...

 ... BIG breakfast (brunch) EVERY day

I was sick (flu & bronchitis) during a couple major training runs but was able to get the 
BIG one (20 miles) finished in Scottsdale, early one morning. 
 just. so. beautiful.
 I found a new favorite route that winds thought Paradise Valley... 

 Scottsdale Butterfly Wonderland:

more pool time at Las Tiendas

videos via Stephenie Kern 

Vietnamese dinner at Slanted Rice
(crispy rice = family favorite)

 beginning our drive home, toward Holbrook, AZ.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Climbing Camelback with the Boys

Ever since I took Kaden on the Camelback climb (spring 2016), he has talked about it and it has been in the back of his mind as a BIG accomplishment.  This year he talked about climbing it again and we decided that Owen might be able to hike it as well.

A great thing about climbing camelback EARLY is that you beat the heat.  
The great thing about us living 2 time zones away is that we reap the benefit of getting up in the (Pacific time) dark but it feels like our normal wake-up time. 

morning sunrise
sharing the Camelbak ON Camelback

 It gets quite steep at the top and Ben did a great job of coaching Owen and giving (literal) pushes up the sheer rock faces.

lizard hiding in the crack

 Meanwhile, Gracie got in a workout with Mary & Doug's trainer, Sherry.  ;)

 the boys

enjoying our Cliff bar snack at the top

 Dow Family (minus Grace) March 2017

 on the way back down...

playing a good game of "would you rather..." to get his mind off walking as we made our way back to the bottom.

 The final 1/2 mile (down) may not have been pretty, but he DID it!!

view from the street

After it was all said and done, Ben and I agreed that while it may have been a bit (too?) strenuous, he DID it.  We all talked about it for the rest of the week (and beyond) and he was super-proud of himself.