Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

What a fun & relaxed holiday!
This is one of the biggest Thanksgivings that we have had here in Amarillo. Not only did Dan, Heather and Danni Richard meet us at Shanny & David’s on Thanksgiving Day, but
Dad & Liz drove into town from Gallup, New Mexico.

 Owen wanting a second helping.
 Satellite table
Heather rocking Owen on the back patio.
 Kaden & Danni relaxing after the meal (that Kaden didn't eat)
 ... and then them wrestling.
I've tried telling Kaden that, "We don't kick our friends."

We spent the majority of Thanksgiving Day cooking and eating… and eating… and eating… with a non-stop football game on the television (the quintessential American Thanksgiving). 
 We did, however, take a break for some fresh air to traipse through the neighborhood and walk the trail to the park. Although Kaden could barely reach the bar, he insisted on helping push Owen’s jogging stroller a hefty portion of the way.
 pushing Owen
everyone helping push Owen to the park
Waffle breakfast
 Look at how those eyebrows knit together... Owen Dow is definitely this man's son!
On Black Friday, Ben basically made Kaden's world by putting up Christmas lights. 
About 4 weeks ago, Kaden got on a kick about Christmas and started asking if we were going to put Christmas lights on our house this year.  He seemed to have a plan all developed:

"First, we snap our fingers....
Then we put up Christmas lights...
... and then we're going to have Thanksgiving!"
Always stated matter of factly in this order WITH animated hand gestures (one finger pointed in the air).

3 amigos
 Owen finshing off my Gerber dasies from this summer.
 Liz reading with Kaden..
Schatzi getting her attention fix from dad!
We spent our last night together watching the Mizzou- A&M game at the Dows.
It wasn't the best game for Missouri fans to watch.
 Kaden made it about 5 minutes before passing out on the couch... and then cuddling up next to grandpa.
 Clearly a divided house.

 Riding the grandpa

(mommy playing on Instagram before Jessica came over for our photo shoot)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Is Daddy Coming Soon?

 Lately Kaden has become more aware of the time of day & when daddy gets home every day.  He knows that when I start cooking dinner, Ben is going to walk through the front door soon.
Proud papa!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Grapevine, Texas

Spur of the moment (how I like things), we decided to take a drive and spend the weekend in the
Dallas-Fort Worth area and visit Ben's family. It's always a big treat to spend time with
Deann & Norman at their house in Grapevine, TX. 
  The inital spark for the trip was when Laura (long time Zumba friend & recent early morning running buddy) came up to me last week and excitedly asked if I would be interested in "getting out of town and running the Fort Worth ½ Marathon." 
At first I was somewhat skeptical since this race was a full month before Dallas (the race that I have been training for) but she brought up several valid points:
1. We had just run 10 miles together the previous weekend
(and what's another 3 when you have already run 10!)
2. She was wanting to leave town for her 40th birthday...
and I'm always a sucker for a road trip.
3. The clincher was when she informed me that the finisher medal was actually a belt buckle. 
Boom! I went home, set the bait, and waited for Ben to get on board with yet another one of my road trip ideas.

Driving east on route 287
(Ben is so good!)
 Kaden entertaining himself during the 6-hour drive.
Owen BRIEFLY sleeping... Don't be fooled by this photo; he only slept for about 15 minutes on the drive there.  The normally super-chill Owen was NOT feeling the drive.
 The other HUGE reason for going to Grapevine was to visit with Ben's aunt, uncle & cousins.  We knew that we wouldn't be seeing them anytime soon as we all have different plans for Thanksgiving & Christmas this year. 
Exploring the backyard, playing hide & seek, and trying to stay off the pool cover... yet another close call and important learning opportunity for Kaden.  :)
Kaden & Owen

There was a really nice park, less than ½ mile from Deann & Norman's house that we checked out before dinner.  We will definitely have to make our way back to this park on a future visit!
playing in the living rom

It was unseasonally warm on the morning of the race, and the great thing about running this particular ½ was that our race started a full hour after the full marathon (an extra hour of sleeping) AND the weather turned out to be unseasonably warm while we were running.  About 10 minutes after we crossed the finish line, the wind picked up, the temperature dropped about 15° and it started to rain.  Talk about good timing!  Thankfully, neither of us had to bust out the trash bags we had tied to us.
Laura & Kristin before the start

Although we didn't really have a specific time goal in mind (I wanted to substantially beat my time from this spring), we both had a good time and made personal records.  I will say, however, that I gave it my all.  I was struggling (physically & then mentally) after mile 11 and was DONE by the end.  Seriously, I don't think that I could have run another 100 yards by the time it was over.  Might have to look into ways to fuel up and refuel before the next one...

And yes, I wore it all day (in the car on the drive back).

and I may have even put it on the following day as a reminder that I can do anything...
that I have the strength to be patient with a teething toddler....

Friday, November 9, 2012

Hanging with Kaaren

Kaaren and I met just after Kaden was born as I started back to teaching at the Townclub. 
More specifically, she is the first person I remember meeting at Zumba, and we have been good friends ever since.
 Kaaren & Owen
I wish that I had better pictures but Kaden always looks forward to seeing Kaaren every Wednesday morning after BodyPump (it doesn't hurt that she always brings cookies for the boys).  Lucky for Owen, he gets to see Kaaren 3x a week since he's not in school yet.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Medi Park

Friday morning seems to be the one day of the week where we (Heather, Amy and I) 
don't have any scheduled activities or time constraints: school, church duty, teaching a class at the Townclub, etc. so we all made a plan to go eat a leisurely breakfast at Lupita's and then spend a good amout of time playing at the park.
 Libby, Danni & Kaden coloring before breakfast at Lupita's.
It was an awesome day to spend at the park! (minimal wind)
 Kaden at Medi Park
 Heather holding Owen
 Everyone feeding the ducks tortilla pieces.  :)
I love this picture!
Heather spent some time showing the kids how to roll down the hill.