Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 2015

July in pictures...
We've been married 10 years!
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Dow
July 2, 2005

the Christmas gift (shirt) finally fits

Our friends, the Blacks, went on vacation. 
And while they were away Kaden & Owen learned a little chicken care 101 from Nathan.

 They have 17 hens at their farm and are all laying this summer. 
 Chicken farmer, Kaden

 For Nathin Seals' birthday, Kaden made him an Angry Bird card. 
In my opinion, this is his best drawing to date.

Grace is sitting unsupported!
(and looking pretty proud of herself)

 and taking baths with Evelyn

 and playing on her own.

and just hanging out in her ultra light weight baby carrier
Owen's best bud, Evelyn
Intense coloring
Dillas... Sox... now the Amarillo Thunderheads. 
Kaden & Luke
Dress up time with auntie Julie
Laresa!! So proud of you!!

Haircut day on Magic Monday

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

We have talked about fishing in northern Arkansas for years.
"I heard the fishing there is great."
"We should go fishing there sometime."

After staying with Deann & Norman in May, we finally decided to turn "someday" into a real date on the calendar.  After all, Eureka Springs isn't too far out of our way when heading back to Texas from Missouri.
While Norman and Ben went fishing with their guide, Deann, Sam, the kids and I went to a few places around the area, including Thorncrown Chapel.

Kaden & Owen with their (3rd) cousin, Sam on the Dow side.

 We also went to the Blue Spring area.  It was nice to let the kids run around outside, even though the spring was completely under water.  
 Mr. Owen posing for a picture.  

 The Dam Store where Ben & Norman started both days fishing.
Even though there was a lot of flooding in the area, Ben still had a great time fishing with Norman.

visiting Jesus of the Ozarks

Such a good trip and nice visit with Deann & Norman; many great meals and lots of entertaining conversation. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dustin & Rhiannon's Wedding Weekend

The main reason for coming to Missouri was to see Dustin & Rhiannon get married. 
 going fishing at Steve & Dawn's pond
 Mr. Brayden
 the kids and Tyson (the dog) jumping on the paddle boat to go for a ride.
 Ms. Grace not missing the action; hanging out in her baby carrier.

 Ben hanging out with dad and learning about farming.
"Kristin, we should move back and farm..."

 Jason, Brayden & Kaden going for a 4-wheeler ride.
 Kyle doing his thing with the kids.
 "Kyle! Come and open your birthday present... Come and open your roller skates."
Way to go Kaden...

 the men's size 12 quad skates fit! 

 Still having fun with fireworks a week later.
 Kristin & Benjamin

 fun with dad's long hair

 Dawn and Brayden

Luckily mom was able to rejoin us again in Columbia when we checked into the Holiday Inn Executive Center for the weekend wedding celebration.
 Ben & I had dinner at Churchills and had a nice night with Stephenie & Jason
On Saturday we went to see the much-anticipated Minion movie with grandma... 
(Grace's 1st movie)

 Grace not having fun as we re-arranged her dress... 
that was somehow put on backwards... 
by someone... 

 shenanigans during the ceremony

 The actual wedding took place in Fulton, Missouri at Westminster church-- a beautiful, historical building that was shipped over from England.
 Ourside the church is a 30-foot section of the Berlin wall:

 Dow Family picture 2015

 Owen had a ton of fun dancing... 
 ... until he got tired and then sat at the edge of the dance floor, staring at the lights

Bonus pictures from Facebook that I haven't had time to edit (but don't want to lose):