Monday, August 31, 2015

August 2015

A few non-Africa pics before the beginning of school

typical day in our living room

the day I SERIOUSLY started questioning our sanity and WHY we EVER thought it was a good idea to sign up for the KT82 race in Missouri.  87 degree heat in the full sun and I wanted to die... 

getting drawing ideas

peace and harmony in the morning
Kaden designing his "dream birthday cake"

"new" (hand-me-down) shirts

Monday, August 24, 2015

Kaden Goes to Kindergarten

Nothing like turning 6 on Sunday and going to your first day of elementary school on Monday.  
Kaden made his own sign for the event. 

Grandpa drove in from Missouri for the birthday and for the 1st day of school. 

walking to school bright and early

Western Plateau Elementary School
picture with Grandpa Cook

Everyone posing with Kaden on his 1st day of (big kid) school.  

Sitting at the floor table in Mrs. Childer's kindergarten classroom.

Grandpa reading, "Pete the Cat's Guide to Groovy Living"

Somewhat odd to be back at home so quickly... Julie came over with Evelyn and Katie and we (dad) fried up a TON of bacon.  Cheers to the 1st day of school.

and let's not forget Ben:
6th year of teaching middle school at Boys Ranch.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kaden is 6!

At the last movie night, Nathin decided that it was time for the kids to see the original Star Wars (1977).  That was it for Kaden and Owen.  When we went to shop for school supplies, we had to get the R2D2 backpack and thermos.  Grandma even completed the set with a Darth Vadar lunch box and figurines for the birthday.  
So, of course, when I asked what he wanted me to do for his cake...  
 ... we found several "do-able" ones on Pinterest and Kaden set to work on designing a cake.
The night before: Ben & I (date night) in the kitchen trying to arrange (2) 9x13 and (2) 9" circle cakes into something that resembled R2D2.

Nothing like finishing everything the morning of... 

Going to Western Bowl with friends on a Sunday morning.
Kaden really wanted to have his birthday at Brush with Art... 
we decided to go bowling and include all of his friends. (Not everyone loves art projects as much as Kaden.) I think the Brush with Art day might be a time where just he and I can hang out together and take our time on a project.  Maybe go when grandma comes on October?

grandpa showing his secret skills

Mr. Luke

"the littles" using the ramp

Brenda getting her turn with Ms. Grace

Lunch at our house after bowling.
 6-year-old birthday menu:
Hot dogs, Star Wars mac-n-cheese, cake + ice cream
(thank you, Grandpa, for taking Kaden to buy sorbet & ice cream) 

 best friends

 THE 6-year-old cake


Saturday, August 22, 2015

House Sitting in Santa Fe

I don't have a lot to say about this trip except that I am glad it's over and that Sir Fox was found and locked back up in the back side of Patti's house... House/animal sitting may not have been the best idea with 3 small children.
Patti & John's house in El Dorado

Crossing into New Mexico and a photo of the infamous escape artist, otherwise known as Sir Fox.

chillin on the back hammock

It wasn't quite the relaxing, "fun" weekend that I thought we would have in Santa Fe, but Owen's insistence of going on a hike ended up being the high light of the trip.  

Thank you, Owen!
 old railroad, converted to hiking trail

 apparently this bridge is where an episode of "Breaking Bad" was filmed... 
We don't watch the show, but it was a neat bridge to walk under and then over.

Owen stopping traffic

 Kaden running

Gracie, just shy of 8 months

sibling photo
Kaden (6), Owen (3.5), Grace (~8 months)